Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random Thoughts And Some Confussion

Happy Saturday to everyone out in blog land!

I had a pretty restful day although unproductive by my standards and expectations. I had planned to go to the store and get a few necessary items but it is almost 5pm and I have not yet gone....still planning to go but just can't get moving.
I was also supposed to catch up on my bible study (Believing God by Beth Moore) but not "feeling" too into that either....I don't know what is going on with me today....guess I'm feeling a little bluesy......really should get to the bible study because I know that when I spend time in the Word and with God that I typically feel better and my emotions come more under the control of the Holy Spirit.
Some of my frustration and confussion today is with deciding on where to go to church. As for tomorrow I am going to go to BVG because I know that there is a special service planned and I really want to be at it but for future weekends....I don't know where to go. I forgot to mention that BVG is 45 miles away from my house and about an hour commute. I love the church but am having such issues with the commute and the finances needed to travel that far weekly. And also am concerned with if it is possible to be in community with people who are not a part of my living or work community.
I've been praying about it but don't feel like God is clearly directing me where to go. Just feel so unsure right now. I know that the Lord is good and that He is in control of my why does my life sometimes feel so out of control?!
One thing that I know about myself is that I don't like change and this search for a new church has been nothing but major change for the last 8 months....guess I'm just getting weary and tired of trying to figure it out. Maybe that is where I am going wrong....trying to figure it all out on my own.
If you read this and if you have any suggestions or words of encouragement please feel free to post one!

Your Weary Sister in Christ


Rachel said...

Thanks for the note on my blog. Our year at Hume was great. You know, they do have a Charter school at Hume for the employee's kids? They don't have a special ed dept., but I just thought that I'd mention it to you.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Hey Miss Bethany!:)

I want to encourage you! I think that God likes to put us in a place where we know He is in control, and we are not. A place where we acknowledge His sovereignty. He has got a church home for you, just keep looking, and He will provide.:) Keep on doing the Beth Moore study!!! You will not regret it! I have gone through some crazy depression in my past. I have found that keeping in touch with family, friends, and praying and reading God's Word is the best medicine! I also have found out that interestingly enough, getting enough sun helps keep the blues away, and randomly enough, so does cod liver oil:) Also, read my most recent blog post, and then look up Laminin on google-I think you will be blessed:)

your sis-in-CHRIST,

p.s. say in your comments on Beth Moore's blog that you are from CA. That is cool-I've never been there. I want to visit at least once before I die!:)