Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kensley's On Her Way!!!

Hi All,

As of 9:14pm tonight, my niece Kensley is on her way into this world. My sister in law is having contractions 7 minutes apart and is going to head over to the hospital in a hour or so. Her doctor want's her to wait until the contractions are 5 minutes apart to go to the hospital.
I am so excited to meet my niece!!!!!!
Over the last few days I've been reading in my bible study (Believing God by Beth Moore) about what "faith" is and how part of having faith in God is believing Him for miracles. Psalm 139 talks about how God has known each person born on the face of this Earth from the moment of conception and how He saw each unformed body and has watched each child grow to the point that He so desires (that which reflects His will and good purpose). I am so taken by the fact that not only does God love ME in such a way but that He has been watching and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of my niece KENSLEY in the same way. He knows when exactly she will be born and knows all that is going to occur during her birth.
There is a bit of anxiety about this upcoming birth....for Kendra and for my family (me especially). Kendra has already had one baby (my nephew Cole) and is nervous because she knows what awaits her. I am nervous for her because my relationship with her has really deepened over the last 2 years.....I just don't want to see her in such pain....I love her and hate to see those whom I love in pain. Especially the pain of childbirth.....
So if you would, could you please say a prayer for all of us tonight and tomorrow. Please pray that Kendra would have a swift and manageable delivery....that Kensley would be healthy.....that Cole would be "good" over the next day or so while his mommy is preoccupied!.....that Marc would be a good support to Kendra.....and that I would rest in the soverignty and plan of the Lord.
I will keep the blog updated as things progress.....

Talk Soon!!!!

Auntie Bethie

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