Sunday, September 28, 2008

Puppy Dogs and Tetnus Shots

Well, Well, Well....

How are all of you out there in bloggy land? I hope that my title to this post has caught your attention because I just have to fill you in on what occurred in the Silva household this weekend.
Yesterday morning (that would be my planned relaxing and restful Saturday morning) I went out front to water my badly cared for flowers and what do I see but this absolutely ADRORABLE little white puppy dog...I could tell that he was running around and that he did not belong to anyone on my court so I called him over. It did not take him more than a few seconds to decide that I was harmless and run straight over to greet me with a big slobbery kiss and commenced to jump all over my white bathrobe with little muddy paws.....OH he was sooooo cute! I was a little saddened to discover that he did not have a collar with a name badge or home address because had he, I would have called right away....(btw, those collars are absolutely wonderful because they help animal lovers like me help get lost puppies and kitties back home)....suffice it say....little snowball did not have any contact information. I played outside with him for a while....discovered that he liked my nephew Cole's red ball and was running like a child on sugar overload all over the lawn. He was HYPER!!!!. Around 10:00 I had to leave to go take a picture for my church directory so I just left him outside. I had forgotten about him until much later in the afternoon when my doorbell rang. It was my neighbor holding this crazy little puppy and asking if he belonged to me.....(funny how all the neighbors think that all the animals belong to me...I don't have THAT many!). I assurred her that he did not belong to me but since he was still hanging out in our court that I'd put him into the back yard and take a few photos of him and post them up on a "found puppy" flyer (bad, bad....see myself getting a new puppy out of this!).....My plan was going ok (putting him in the backyard) until he saw my cat Sadie.....He took off after her like a wild jackrabbit! She got so scared that she ran up a tree and then GOT STUCK IN IT!.....At this point I decide that mr. snowball is not going to stay in my backyard after all....I can't have princess Sadie upset!!!!! So I grab him up and head to the gate with him in my arms....keep in mind that I don't know anything about this dog (like, does he have rabies?!!!!), so I am trying to keep him happy while he is in my arms so that I don't get bit! I get to the gate, which is closed, and rather than put him down, decide to kick the gate open....mind you, I don't have any shoes on at this point! As I begin to kick the gate open I feel a sharp prick to my left big toe and begin to think words that should not come out of the mouth of a good Christian woman! I get mr. snowball out the gate and shut it closed and hobble my way to the front step....As I sit down to check out my injury I discover that there is a little bit of blood on the spot that I hit the nail on and begin total freak out! The nail was rusty... and I start to think "hmmmm....when was my last tetnus shot?".
So I try not to worry too much about it and go inside, clean it, and put antibiotic ointment on it and go about my day. Later that evening I was talking to a friend and she says that I should most definatley go in and get a tetnus shot. At this point it is late and there is not an urgent care open that I can go to...and I am not about to go to the ER! I decide to wait until this morning and check on it. I felt completely fine this morning....fine enough to go to church and then home for a while....Around 3:30 I decide that it really is in my best interest to go into the urgent care and have this little injury checked out. Come to find out that the last known tetnus shot that I had was in I do believe that it was time for me to get a new one!
So that was my weekend friends! As for the puppy dog....he never came back! And I now have a very sore arm!!!
Oh....the joys of daily life! There never is a dull moment.....


katiegfromtennessee said...

Hey Bethany,

Oh my, adverntures for you:) I think I have to get my tetnus updated too. I'm going to probably travel overseas next year, so it's a good idea:)


Richard said...

Oh how exciteing, I'm glad you are ok Betty? Try to relax a little next weekend.