Sunday, September 28, 2008

Puppy Dogs and Tetnus Shots

Well, Well, Well....

How are all of you out there in bloggy land? I hope that my title to this post has caught your attention because I just have to fill you in on what occurred in the Silva household this weekend.
Yesterday morning (that would be my planned relaxing and restful Saturday morning) I went out front to water my badly cared for flowers and what do I see but this absolutely ADRORABLE little white puppy dog...I could tell that he was running around and that he did not belong to anyone on my court so I called him over. It did not take him more than a few seconds to decide that I was harmless and run straight over to greet me with a big slobbery kiss and commenced to jump all over my white bathrobe with little muddy paws.....OH he was sooooo cute! I was a little saddened to discover that he did not have a collar with a name badge or home address because had he, I would have called right away....(btw, those collars are absolutely wonderful because they help animal lovers like me help get lost puppies and kitties back home)....suffice it say....little snowball did not have any contact information. I played outside with him for a while....discovered that he liked my nephew Cole's red ball and was running like a child on sugar overload all over the lawn. He was HYPER!!!!. Around 10:00 I had to leave to go take a picture for my church directory so I just left him outside. I had forgotten about him until much later in the afternoon when my doorbell rang. It was my neighbor holding this crazy little puppy and asking if he belonged to me.....(funny how all the neighbors think that all the animals belong to me...I don't have THAT many!). I assurred her that he did not belong to me but since he was still hanging out in our court that I'd put him into the back yard and take a few photos of him and post them up on a "found puppy" flyer (bad, bad....see myself getting a new puppy out of this!).....My plan was going ok (putting him in the backyard) until he saw my cat Sadie.....He took off after her like a wild jackrabbit! She got so scared that she ran up a tree and then GOT STUCK IN IT!.....At this point I decide that mr. snowball is not going to stay in my backyard after all....I can't have princess Sadie upset!!!!! So I grab him up and head to the gate with him in my arms....keep in mind that I don't know anything about this dog (like, does he have rabies?!!!!), so I am trying to keep him happy while he is in my arms so that I don't get bit! I get to the gate, which is closed, and rather than put him down, decide to kick the gate open....mind you, I don't have any shoes on at this point! As I begin to kick the gate open I feel a sharp prick to my left big toe and begin to think words that should not come out of the mouth of a good Christian woman! I get mr. snowball out the gate and shut it closed and hobble my way to the front step....As I sit down to check out my injury I discover that there is a little bit of blood on the spot that I hit the nail on and begin total freak out! The nail was rusty... and I start to think "hmmmm....when was my last tetnus shot?".
So I try not to worry too much about it and go inside, clean it, and put antibiotic ointment on it and go about my day. Later that evening I was talking to a friend and she says that I should most definatley go in and get a tetnus shot. At this point it is late and there is not an urgent care open that I can go to...and I am not about to go to the ER! I decide to wait until this morning and check on it. I felt completely fine this morning....fine enough to go to church and then home for a while....Around 3:30 I decide that it really is in my best interest to go into the urgent care and have this little injury checked out. Come to find out that the last known tetnus shot that I had was in I do believe that it was time for me to get a new one!
So that was my weekend friends! As for the puppy dog....he never came back! And I now have a very sore arm!!!
Oh....the joys of daily life! There never is a dull moment.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Meeting Isaac

Hi All,
Well....yesterday I was able to travel to Clovis to meet my 3rd nephew Isaac Matthew Silva.
Can I just say right now that I am totally smitten by this new little blessing that God has given my family! He is sooooooo cute and such a doll. He is a little cranky at times due to having a little too much gas in his tummy but other than that he is absolutely precious!
His big brother Evan is oh so cute! He is not too into the idea of having a new baby brother but will adjust with time (he is only 2!). It was so nice to visit with my brother Matt and sister in law Helena....I am so blessed to have such wonderful siblings and sister in laws! I was absolutely amazed to see my little brother with his 2 boys! He is such an amazing man who I've come to admire very much!
Here are a few pictures of the new little guy and some of Matt, Evan, and Helena.....enjoy!

Isaac sleeping peacefully....

Evan and Matt with Matt's new toy!!!

I LOVE this picture!!!! Matt and Evan
walking side by side.

My beautiful sister in law, Helena
and Evan outside.

Aunt Bethany and baby Isaac....he was not so

Isn't he a cutie?! He has these really big eyes
and likes to roll his tongue around quite a bit!

New addition to the Silva Family....Mr. Isaac
Matthew Silva!

Say CHEESE!!!!!

Evan drinking Mott's Apple Juice
for Totts! Did you know that such
a thing existed?!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some Pictures of Isaac

Here are some picutres of Isaac that Matt and Helena sent me the other day....wanted to share with you all....

He looks so cute and peaceful here...

Little guy with big eyes open and checking
out the world.

Sleeping like an angel....reminds me of a picture
that I have of Evan as a newborn.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Isaac Matthew Silva

Hello all,
Allow me the privilige to introduce to you my newest nephew...Mr. Isaac Matthew Silva.
He was born at 5:33 this morning and weighed in at a whopping 7lbs 4oz and is 20 inches long. I still have not met the little guy as I think that I am coming down with a cold (or suffering from allergies) and don't want to expose him. But I hope to get down there soon so that I can smell his sweet baby smell and cuddle him close!
I can't believe that God has so blessed us with not only one new healthy baby but 2 in the short time of one week, and the added bonus of both mommies doing fine! Thank you Lord for such special gifts!!!

Mr. Cutie Pie Isaac....already sucking his fingers!
That is one mighty big hand little guy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dentist Visit

Hi All,

And for the rest of this post....I went to the dentist this afternoon. I had 2 cavities that needed to be filled and listen to this....I only had one done! My dentist has a really hard time numbing me up when it comes to the bottom teeth. So now I am home with one tooth finished and the other tooth completely numb now! He gave me so much numbing stuff that the side of my head and ear are numb too! I've never had it turn out this way so was a little freaked out! It's been an hour now so the numbing is starting to taper off. I can't wait until it is totally gone! Hate that feeling. I had to schedule ANOTHER appointment to get this lower tooth taken care of.

Hope that everyone out there in blog land is doing well.....remember that God is in control...if life seems chaotic and crazy, just trust Him and it will all come together! That is what I am trying to do!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

7 Pounds 7 Ounces of Pure Joy!!!!


She's here!!!!!!

K was born at 4am this morning and weighs 7lb 7oz. I don't know yet what her length is but will find out very soon.
Marc and Kendra ended up coming to my house last night around 10 or so and she labored here until 1:30 in the morning. I gave them my room so that they could be more comfortable and so that Cole could sleep comfortably. I took the couch in the living room....thank goodness it is super comfortable! Around 1:30 in the morning Marc woke me up and said that they were going to go to the I stayed here with Cole. I was hoping that little missy would not be born so quickly as I really wanted to be present for her birth (I was there for Cole's birth) but she had other plans!
I've still not seen her but my mom has and said that she has black hair and is really red.....poor baby! Poor mommy!!!!
Coley Bean is still sleeping so my plan today is to take a shower....wait for little bean to wake up, give him a bath, and head over to meet Kensley.
I will post pictures when I get some later.

Check back later.....the saga will most definately continue!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kensley's On Her Way!!!

Hi All,

As of 9:14pm tonight, my niece Kensley is on her way into this world. My sister in law is having contractions 7 minutes apart and is going to head over to the hospital in a hour or so. Her doctor want's her to wait until the contractions are 5 minutes apart to go to the hospital.
I am so excited to meet my niece!!!!!!
Over the last few days I've been reading in my bible study (Believing God by Beth Moore) about what "faith" is and how part of having faith in God is believing Him for miracles. Psalm 139 talks about how God has known each person born on the face of this Earth from the moment of conception and how He saw each unformed body and has watched each child grow to the point that He so desires (that which reflects His will and good purpose). I am so taken by the fact that not only does God love ME in such a way but that He has been watching and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of my niece KENSLEY in the same way. He knows when exactly she will be born and knows all that is going to occur during her birth.
There is a bit of anxiety about this upcoming birth....for Kendra and for my family (me especially). Kendra has already had one baby (my nephew Cole) and is nervous because she knows what awaits her. I am nervous for her because my relationship with her has really deepened over the last 2 years.....I just don't want to see her in such pain....I love her and hate to see those whom I love in pain. Especially the pain of childbirth.....
So if you would, could you please say a prayer for all of us tonight and tomorrow. Please pray that Kendra would have a swift and manageable delivery....that Kensley would be healthy.....that Cole would be "good" over the next day or so while his mommy is preoccupied!.....that Marc would be a good support to Kendra.....and that I would rest in the soverignty and plan of the Lord.
I will keep the blog updated as things progress.....

Talk Soon!!!!

Auntie Bethie