Friday, October 17, 2008

Candy Corn and Little Pumpkins

Happy Fall Y'all!
Ok...I realize that I really cannot say that as I am not a southern girl at all. Born and raised in sunny California there is a southern belle deep in my heart!
So...I must tell you that this is my absolute most favorite time of year! The days are shorter, the nights begin to get cooler, and the sun goes down earlier and earlier! The crisp days of fall are beginning to arrive. I LOVE that I need a sweater in the morning and my blanket on the bed at night! I also love that this is the time of year to start eating crisp sweet apples with caramel dip...YUM YUM!
But one absolute favorite food of mine this time of year is this...
Most specifically this type here....

And these are an absolute favorite!!!!

So... I need to know, do you like these little sugary treats too?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Boot, Two Boot, Brown Boot, Pink Boot....

Hey Staci...this picture is for you girl!
Not the greatest picture as little girl is asleep and Marc's shirt was just a little dirty!
But it is one of her in her BOOTS!
Isn't she just precious?!
Auntie Bethany thinks so!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

So Long No Post

Well hello there everyone!

It has been quite a while since I've posted so hope that all out in blog land are doing well.

The last few weeks have been busy ones for me. I am just running myself somewhat crazy trying to keep up with everything that I've been doing. My class is growing quickly. I now have 9 students that I am responsible for and in a room full of young children with autism, that number is rather large! And to add to that, it is only 2 months into the school year! I max out at 12 so we are a little worried about where children will go after I max out. God is in control though and He knows each and every child who will be assessed by our programs and He will work all things together according to His plan and purpose. I just pray that I would be an open vessel for Him to work through in the lives of these kids and their families.

I've also joined a study at BVG with a wonderful group of women! We are doing the study "A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place: A Study of the Old Testament Tabernacle" by our very own Siesta Mama (Beth Moore). This was the first bible study that I completed by Beth Moore many years ago and just was so impacted by her love for the Lord, her knowledge of scripture, and her ability to teach biblical concepts in a way that I could understand. Since that time, I've completed every study that she has penned except "Beloved Disciple" and "Daniel". I am looking forward to her new study centered on the life of Queen Esther! It is due to be released in November. She is my favorite author/speaker and I am just so thankful for what her teaching has done in my life.

So...last weekend my I was able to attend an event called 3:16 by Max Lucado (America's Pastor) along with my good friend Julie. It was held at the HP Pavillion in San Jose so we made a day of it by going to Santa Cruz with her family beforehand. What a full, event filled day! But it was an absolute joy and treat to my spirit to be able to fellowship with wonderful people and bask in the teaching of the Word. I must say that I was so excited to see Mandissa (American Idol finalist) but was quite sad when she did not come over to our side of the stage. I found a new favorite musician. Mr. Travis Cottrell. He is just amazing! I was able to listen to him during the LPL Simulcast in August but that was on a TV screen so it just was not the same as being in the same room with that man and his God given gift of the voice of an angel! If you've not heard Travis, you must do so now! Check out his music at You will be incredibly blessed I promise!

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Julie's cousin gave us a little concert! Very fun!

Julie and her niece Rachel

Here we are at the event. We were able to sit
pretty close to the stage!

My favorite new musician! Travis Cottrell

Max Lucado. He spoke of the wonderful words
of John 3:16.