Monday, October 10, 2011



What exactly is therapy?

Well, Websters defines it as "treatment of bodily, mental, or behavioral disorders".
This definition sounds so clinical and methodical. And in many respects, this is true. And believe me, it is helpful and at times necessary in life. But what I've found to be true is that therapy comes in all different forms.

Any of these ring a bell?

Physical therapy (I have not been in need of this up to this point and from the testimony of a few friends, hope to never need)
Occupational therapy (I've been witness to this one first hand. Very helpful but sometimes heartbreaking to watch)
Speech therapy (Again, helpful but difficult to watch when the client is exasperated)
Behavioral/Cognitive therapy (My line of work...Autism, reason that I've witnessed aformentioned therapies)

How about these less heard of treatments?

Retail therapy (Might want to rethink this one, it can propell you right to the therapist's couch in the first place!)
Horse therapy (I love horses but launching myself onto the back of a 1,000lb animal going to diminish my fears and anxieties...I think not!)
Swim with the dolphins therapy (really?????)

When life has really got me down, I tend to turn to these forms of therapy....

Listening to children laugh therapy (blissful)
Smelling the flowers therapy (love,love,love)
Sitting and devouring a new book therapy (comforting form from childhood)
Gentle rain on the roof therapy (instant relaxation)
Dance until your feet ache therapy (never occurs enough!)

And my favorite of all.....

Listening to the waves crash up on the banks of the beach therapy (like Heaven to me)

Why my focus on therapy?

Well, I am in the midst of some major life changes. Most notably the changing of my thought patterns and the renewing of my mind. In order for this to happen, I've had to spend some very difficult time revisiting the ruins of my life. The places with cobwebs and rusty old abandoned memories. The places that no one chooses to willingly revisit. As I've traveld down the dusty road of my childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood I've had to partake of different forms of therapy.
To identify the injuries and scars that seem to continually chase me down, I am grateful for behavioral/cognitive therapy and my exceptionally compassionate and wise therapist.
This type of therapy is the one that helps me dig, dig, and dig some more into the muck. It is the painful part. I am grateful for it.
But in order for this therapy to work I have to continually engage in the other types that I mentioned.
Like today, I was on the playground of a local elementary school and my spirit was lifted up by over 60 second graders laughing and giggling over various ball/blacktop games. Or this morning as I was drinking my Vanilla Latte and reading my Bible, the gentle sound of rain falling outside my window. Or another that I will engage in with much excitement this weekend at my cousins wedding, dancing, dancing, dancing the night away!

As I am in the midst of the painful pr0ocess of seeing the freedom that God has for me, I must remind myself to engage in the "therapies" that refresh my soul.

Besides, they don't cost $40.00 a session!