Saturday, March 14, 2009

I've Neglected my Blog!!!

Hello all,

I hope that you are all doing well. I've been so bad about updating my blog lately. Life has been so very busy and I've just not had the energy to get on here and post anything new. Lot's of life has been happening so it is not that there is nothing to post...just me being lazy I guess.

So, let me update you on what is going on here in sunny and somewhat warm California.

The almond trees are blossoming all over the place! Absolutely beautiful but doing a number on my allergies. School is winding down...I am anxiously awaiting my summer vacation! This will be the first one in 7 years so I need to sit down and plan some things for me to do....don't want to be sitting around the house being bored. As my mom would say when I was a kid "If you're bored, I will find something that you can clean up so that you are not bored anymore!". I think that there will be a few trips to the beach because it is my most favorite place to be! And am also thinking of taking my nephews Evan and Cole on AMTRAK to see the trains at the train museum in Sacramento. I absolutely LOVE that idea and am going to recruit a few friends in Modesto to join me so that we can have a fun girlfriend/little boys day!

My winter bible study has concluded. It was such an amazing study that I enjoyed working on so much. I learned so much about getting into the Word and having conversations with my Lord and Savior in a way that I've never done before. You can read about the study here.
I am excited to begin a new study. We are going to do another book/study by Priscilla Shrier called Discerning the Voice of God. I have loved my bible study group at BVG! I am developing new friendships that are so warming to my heart! The body of Christ is a beautiful place to be especially when it is functioning as He intended it to!

I have a few more IEP'S to complete for my students and am going to be observed one more time....pray for me to finish this school year strong.

I am also involved with a family/friend bible study and we are working on a Women of Faith bible study called Discovering God's Will for your Life. It has been such a sweet experience to dig into the Word with my family members, old friends, and new ones too!

God is so good to me! I am blessed in SO MANY WAYS!!!