Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random Thoughts And Some Confussion

Happy Saturday to everyone out in blog land!

I had a pretty restful day although unproductive by my standards and expectations. I had planned to go to the store and get a few necessary items but it is almost 5pm and I have not yet gone....still planning to go but just can't get moving.
I was also supposed to catch up on my bible study (Believing God by Beth Moore) but not "feeling" too into that either....I don't know what is going on with me today....guess I'm feeling a little bluesy......really should get to the bible study because I know that when I spend time in the Word and with God that I typically feel better and my emotions come more under the control of the Holy Spirit.
Some of my frustration and confussion today is with deciding on where to go to church. As for tomorrow I am going to go to BVG because I know that there is a special service planned and I really want to be at it but for future weekends....I don't know where to go. I forgot to mention that BVG is 45 miles away from my house and about an hour commute. I love the church but am having such issues with the commute and the finances needed to travel that far weekly. And also am concerned with if it is possible to be in community with people who are not a part of my living or work community.
I've been praying about it but don't feel like God is clearly directing me where to go. Just feel so unsure right now. I know that the Lord is good and that He is in control of my why does my life sometimes feel so out of control?!
One thing that I know about myself is that I don't like change and this search for a new church has been nothing but major change for the last 8 months....guess I'm just getting weary and tired of trying to figure it out. Maybe that is where I am going wrong....trying to figure it all out on my own.
If you read this and if you have any suggestions or words of encouragement please feel free to post one!

Your Weary Sister in Christ

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ok...I've been tagged by The Stephanie, who found my blog off of Staci's, to list 6 most unspectacular things about myself....and then tag 6 other blog buddies. Being that I am new to this bloggy business I will most definately participate but do believe that I will find it hard to find 6 bloggie buddies to tag!

I'm a good sport though so here goes....

The Rules:

Link to the person who tagged you (check!)

Mention the rules on your blog (doing that, check!)

List 6 unspectacular quirks (to follow below, almost check!)

Tag 6 bloggers by linking to them on your post them commenting them to let them know "there it!" (might be a little difficult as I am a newbie but will attempt, check in process!)

Ok so now the 6 unspectacular things about myself:

1. I am addicted to books of all kinds....children's books, romance novels (good clean ones!), mystery, and historical fiction, also LOVE all books by Francine Rivers! I like books about the Amish and like to read about women in the Middle East. I guess I could say "Hello, I'm Bethany and I'm a book addict!".

2. I have 2 kitties that I rescued from certain death at an unsaid pet location (commonly referred to as the pound!) My kitties are big grown girls now and provide me with hours upon hours of entertainment! Their names are Sadie and Zoe. Sadie is very independent and only comes around when she wants to (this is the baby that I bottle feed for weeks and wiped her bottom to get her to pee for the first time!....ungrateful little creature!!!!). My Zoe is my baby girl....she meows like a little kitten still and sleeps on my bed every night!

3. I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches on wheat bread! (random I know but that is what this post is all about!)

4. I hate clothes shopping (enough said)!

5. I attend church 45 miles away from my home! Crazy, yes I know, but it is what it is for this particular moment in my life. I'm trusting God to lead me along His path and I don't understand why that path consists of a 90 mile round trip to church each weekend but I am following Him!

6. I like to watch CMT videos all afternoon on Saturday! Grew up on country music and it will forever be in my bones even though I am a California Girl! for the 6 tag buddies (could only come up with 3....sad, so sad!)

1. First will be my friend from the summer bible study No Other Gods, Miss Bethany at A Beautiful Mess. She is such a neat gal but has not been updating her head her way and show her some bloggie love!

2. Second will be Miss Sherry at Life at the Parsonage. Thank you girl for your comment on my blog....I hope that we can be blog buddies.

3. Third will be Miss Katie from Tennessee....she has a blog and has commented on my, here's to you miss Katie. I hope that you'll enjoy participating and come back over to my blog!

4. Fourth will be Miss Mitzi(my fellow CA. girl!), at California Dreamin . Thanks for your prayers Mitzi! We are surviving by the grace of the Lord!

OK....time to get to work now....I do have some curriculum updating that I need to get to work on! So enough of the blogging for now!

Friday, August 22, 2008

First Week of School Thoughts and Reflections

Hey Friends, week of school is now officially under my belt! We made it through an incredibly crazy week! I re-read my last post and I chuckled slightly at how blissful my post sounded recalling such a wonderful first day back. LET ME TELL YOU....... my little munchkins had a very short honeymoon period. It only lasted one day!!!!!!! Day two was back to "normal" which would include behaviors such as crying, screaming, flopping to the floor, being lost in what we call "autism land", and lots and lots and lots of noisyness (is that how to spell it?!). I had forgotten all the noises that little children with autism can make! Things like deep growls, high pitched squeals, echos of whatever conversation they hear, scripts of various cartoons and the oh so popular Disney movies....and of course, the crying, crying, crying!

I'd also forgotten the sweet things like how they walk around on their tippy toes, how they flap their little arms so much so that they look like little birds attempting to fly the nest, how they come right up into your face cupping it in their little chubby hands and put their forehead right up to yours! How they give you a "backwards" hug (backing up into you to lean against you) and how you have to turn them around and say "give me a REAL hug!", how exciting it is when you get that one little word out of them such as Oreo, Swing, or Go when they want something. It shows that their precious little souls are in there and that they are not completely "detached from reality and the world around them". When they connect with you....oh, how wonderful it truly is! It can make you cry.

As I ponder the privilige and ministry that the Lord has given me in these children....I am humbled. He continually shows me that whatever we do for the least of these we are doing for HIM! I pray that He will continue to see me fit to care for these little ones, to love and support their parents and families, and in doing so, I would bring Him glory in all that I do.

Lord, let me never forget that I am your servant! Thank you for my ministry to these children. Work in our lives every day in them (you know what I am asking Lord). Give them security so that they are not afraid, help me to help them when they experience sensory overload, and give me patience Lord...fill me with so much LOVE for them that I see them as you do....not through my sometimes prideful and critical human perspective.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

Well, Well, Well.....thank you to everyone who prayed for my first day of school with my students. I have to say that everything went so smoothly. I was definately aware of God working in our midst today. The children were pretty happy to be back in one seemed to be having a terribly difficult day, which for little preschoolers with autism was a miracle!
If you feel so inclined I would love it if you would pray for my students individually. I wish that I could post a picture of them but due to confidentiality issues cannot. But you can know their names so if you feel lead, please pray for my kids:
Adam (to start in Sep.)
Notice the biblical theme for names....Hmmmmm.......wonder what God has in store for me this year? One thing that is for certain, He will most definately cause me to think of Him and His Word even when I am calling my students by name.
I started a new bible study this morning called "Believing God" by Beth Moore. A part of the study involves paying attention to what God is doing in my daily life and recording it down in the evening as a God Stop (S.avoring T.he O.bservable P.resence). I definately saw God today in my classroom. He was there helping us get going and was in the calm of my students. He is so good to me time and time again!

Friday, August 8, 2008

My First Ticket!!!!

Well guess what happened to me tonight?! I GOT MY FIRST TICKET!!!!!! And I was not even speeding.....anyone who knows me knows that I don't typically speed! So what was this ticket for you ask. Let me just enlighten you.....I was caught using my cell phone while driving!!!! was only a matter of time for me because I absolutely detest those hands free ear pieces and had been guilty of using my phone every now and again. This time I just got caught! Well, the Bible does say to follow the laws of the land. I am guilty as charged and now have to pay the dues (about 100.00).

Bye Bye Summer Vacation....

I can't believe that my summer vacation is almost over!!!! This is technically my last weekend of my summer vacation and when I think back upon it, I realize that I did not do anything special!!! I guess that is okay as I was able to get lots of rest, clean up my backyard, and spend lots of time with the Lord just reading His Word, studying, and praying (all out in my pretty backyard!). So, I can't say that it was not a worthwhile summer! I would rather have my relationship with the Lord strenthened by staying home all summer as opposed to being busy all summer long and not enjoying sweet fellowship with the Lord.

Here are some pictures from this summer.

Me, JoFawna, Kevin, Brad, Gaby, and Jenny Lynn
in Monterey.

Evan at the SF Giants Game

Me and my cat Zoe. She looks posessed!

Introducing.....Mr. Gizmo, the Schelby School
A6 Hamster!!!!

Sadie drinking cute!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman On GMA

Hey there everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that Steven Curtis Chapman is going to be on Good Morning America tomorrow. Please pray for him as he is given the opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel of Christ with such a vast audience.
As you all probably remember, SCC's little daughter Maria was killed as the result of an accident in the family driveway in May. This will be his first interview since Maria's death. He will also be on Lary King Live either tonight or tomorrow night.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Going to the Dentist

Hey all,

Guess what I got to do today? Go to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned! Yeah....they are all smooth and feeling clean. I love the way my teeth feel after a cleaning but hate how they feel while they are working on me! I've just not got down the proper way to floss I guess! I was a little sad to find out that I have 2 new cavities :( But hearing that news was a whole lot better than hearing that I need another root canal! Thank you Lord that it is only small cavities!

Only 8 more days left of my summer sad. And to end my summer with a bang...I decide to fill my last week of vacation with dr. appointments (dr. propes today and dr. johnston on friday....finalllllllly going to inquire about my tummy troubles). Guess that I probably should start planning some stuff for the new school year!!!! I'll get to it, I promise.

Hope that you're having a great day!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

LPL Beth Moore Simulcast 2008

Hey All....

I had the wonderful privilige of attending the Beth Moore Living Proof Live Simulcast at Yosemite Church on Friday night and Saturday morning.
It was an amazing time of worship, study, and bonding in the way that only we females can do! (through tears, coffee, and hugs!). I have to say that this was the first time that I've heard Travis Cotrell and his group. He is absolutley amazing! If you'd like to hear some of his work and see highlights from a LPL event go to Beth's blog at and click on any of the LPL recap posts.
The weekend was absolutely amazing! Beth is such an annointed teacher of the precious Word of God! She is absolutely my favorite! She taught from the passage in the gospel of Luke, chapter 8, verses 1-15. Wow....I have heard this passage taught many different times and by many different godly teachers...but had not heard it taught in the way that Beth approached it this weekend.
I'll give you her main 7 points but will encourage you to read the text yourself.

1. Treasure the wonder of the Word
2. Protect your heart
3. Expect the test
4. Dig your roots
5. Stop the choke
6. Retain the word
7. Press forth to your 100 fold harvest!

So to all of you dear to my heart out there....stay in the Word! Those of you who are not familiar with's as good a time as any to start. It is the most life changing book that you will ever read! God can bring a 100 fold harvest to your life...give him your heart and watch him work miracles in your life. You may find that some of the work that He will do will be in areas of unplowed ground, and it may hurt a little (or a lot), but persevere through because the LORD*WILL*BRING*A*HARVEST!

Loving you,

Friday, August 1, 2008

New babies and Kensley's new shoes

Hey everyone!
As most of you may know....we are anxiously awaiting the birth of 2 new babies in September.

My brother Marc, and sister-in-law Kendra are expecting a little girl and my other brother, Matt, and sister-in-law Helena are expecting a boy. The crazy thing is that both brothers and wives are expecting their babies in early September (the 4th and the 9th to be exact). I am so excited to have 2 new babies in the family. Kensley and Isaac....we can't wait to meet you!
I must say though that I am really excited to have a niece!!! Lord help me I am going to go broke!
Recently, I was shopping in a western store and found the cutest little pair of John Deere boots for Kensley. I just had to get them for her so that she could match her older brother Cole. Here they are.

Kensley's new boots! Yee Haw!!!!

You've got to see the bottom of them...
Green and yellow deeres just like brother!

This girl is going to be stylin!!!!

Mr. Isaac....we are going to have to find something to splurge on with you! Maybe mommy will let me go all crazy with the monkey's!!!!! Or...maybe not!

Love you babies....can't wait to see you soon....

Aunt Bethany