Friday, August 8, 2008

My First Ticket!!!!

Well guess what happened to me tonight?! I GOT MY FIRST TICKET!!!!!! And I was not even speeding.....anyone who knows me knows that I don't typically speed! So what was this ticket for you ask. Let me just enlighten you.....I was caught using my cell phone while driving!!!! was only a matter of time for me because I absolutely detest those hands free ear pieces and had been guilty of using my phone every now and again. This time I just got caught! Well, the Bible does say to follow the laws of the land. I am guilty as charged and now have to pay the dues (about 100.00).


Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany, read your post at lpm and thought i'd try to answer...this is not anything more than my thoughts BUT i believe that God leaves "thorns" sometimes so we have to go to HIM ALWAYS and ANYWAYS! Paul really did have a few consequences from prior actions that he may have to live with...not as punishment but GOD is Righteous and can only do what is right...if that means the thorn stays it stays and for a very good reason you can be sure....Paul praised and worshipped him with thorn in ...because He IS God...not because he removed what Paul thought should be removed...God is beyond our understanding and what makes sense to HIM is very hard for us to understand from our carnal and worldly viewpoints....anyway enough and like i said it is just what i think...doesn't mean it is an answer at all....Praise Him!!!!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Hey Bethany,

Sorry you got a ticket...we live and learn:)

I was on Beth Moore's blog and saw your question on there, and the thorn in Paul's flesh was put there to keep him dependant on God and to keep him from becoming prideful. Some have speculated that it was a health ailment, and other's think it was a stronghold of sin. But if you read on, Paul explains why God allowed it, so that Paul would realize that he could not live in his own strength, but in the strength of the Lord-His grace being sufficient for Him. This is just stuff I've heard about that passage, I hope it helps:)