Friday, August 1, 2008

New babies and Kensley's new shoes

Hey everyone!
As most of you may know....we are anxiously awaiting the birth of 2 new babies in September.

My brother Marc, and sister-in-law Kendra are expecting a little girl and my other brother, Matt, and sister-in-law Helena are expecting a boy. The crazy thing is that both brothers and wives are expecting their babies in early September (the 4th and the 9th to be exact). I am so excited to have 2 new babies in the family. Kensley and Isaac....we can't wait to meet you!
I must say though that I am really excited to have a niece!!! Lord help me I am going to go broke!
Recently, I was shopping in a western store and found the cutest little pair of John Deere boots for Kensley. I just had to get them for her so that she could match her older brother Cole. Here they are.

Kensley's new boots! Yee Haw!!!!

You've got to see the bottom of them...
Green and yellow deeres just like brother!

This girl is going to be stylin!!!!

Mr. Isaac....we are going to have to find something to splurge on with you! Maybe mommy will let me go all crazy with the monkey's!!!!! Or...maybe not!

Love you babies....can't wait to see you soon....

Aunt Bethany


Stephanie said...

Those boots are so cute! Be careful, there's so many cute baby stuff out in stores right now! Acutally, cute baby stuff is always out (:

Staci said...

oh my GOODNESS those are adorable!!!