Friday, December 25, 2009

For Unto Us Is Born This Day.....

Good Glorious Morning Blog World!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to you and your's....

I was tempted to wallow in self pity this glorious morning because of the fact that I awoke to another christmas alone...but alas, God woke me early to spend some special time with Him as the sun rose. We walked a road this morning that is sometimes hard to walk...coming face to face with the truth's about my life. For one, I am alone. While I am thankful for the fact that He NEVER leaves me or forsakes me and that He DELIGHTS in me, it can be hard to be alone at such a time as this! But today I choose to rest in the knowledge that though I may be a bit lonely this Christmas, I am NOT ALONE! Praise God!

So, how did I spend my morning???


I had chai with soy milk (my favorite warm drink) in this cute little Christmas pot....

Then I delighted my viewing senses with this favorite Christmas movie.....

I've also been working on making something special out of this.....

although my little project is with black yarn with a touch of grey for added dimension!

Later I might go by my aunts house for dinner.

It is a blessed day... I am grateful for God's most amazing, loving, unimaginable gift.....

Praying that you have a wonderfully blessed day celebrating with your loved ones!
From my house to yours....
Merry Christmas!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reflections of the Season

I hope that you are having a fabulous December! I have discovered that this month is passing me by even as I frantically try to reign it in....I fear that I've somehow gotten caught up in the busyness of the season. Also, this has been a very busy season at work so my focus has really been directed there.

Part of me gets dissapointed that I've not been better at guiding my thoughts and heart toward the reason for this season; Jesus, but it is not over yet, so I can reclaim it. Hallelujah for that! My Lord has been teaching me so much over the past few's all about freedom and taking courage. There are so many areas in my life that I am held captive by fear and I desire deeply to be freed of it.

This is my desire and as I find myself thinking ahead to the new goal.

So, what have I been doing for the last few weeks?...Well, let me just share with you!

I was so blessed to attend Women of Faith at the Arco Arena in Sacramento last weekend. It was the second time that I've been able to go this year (which I know is a blessing indeed!). Both times were very special. Definately stones of rememberance in my walk with the Lord.
Here are some pictures of WOF last weekend. It was so so great :)
Julie, Melissa, and I during the pre-conference.

Marilyn Meberg...this gal is truly a gem! We all wanted her to be our personal therapist!

Incredibly gifted and talented WOF worship team..

Patsy Clairmont...bless her heart, I did not think that she'd be at WOF due to her son's recent illness.
Beautiful reminder of the sacrifice of my Lord and the beauty of what it means for me.

I've also been a bit crafty!

I decided that I'd like to learn to knit and my sweet friend Robin taught me back in the spring. I took 6 months to complete this skinny scarf!
I guess I needed a lot of practice and really it was not my highest priority. Also, it was summer soon enough and I just could not think of wearing a scarf.


Now it is surely cold enough to wear one, so I've been a knitting nut! I made this scarf with the intention of gifting it to my sister in law, but loved it so much that i kept it for myself....selfish, I don't know....but I just decided that it was the first one that I made all by myself that I really liked! The skinny one was not my favorite :)

So, now I am working on a new one and have every intention to give it as a Christmas gift.

This is not the only craft that I've ventured into....I was browsing blogs one day and came across a post by Kelly at Kelly's Korner and loved, loved, loved the cute little ornaments that she made so I decided to make my own.....

My cute little creations....

So, what have you been doing this holiday season? Are you able to keep your focus? What special things are you doing to ensure that you keep your heart and mind on track?

I pray that the Lord bless you and keep you....I pray that he makes his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you...and give you His peace!
Have a wonderfully blessed time as you anticipate the remembrance of the birth of our Savior!