Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday

Ok all....

Which of you are crazy like me and are going out tomorrow morning to brave the weather, the crowds, and the insaneness (is that a word?!) of the first official shopping day of the Christmas season? I love to do this! I don't know just gets me in the mood for Christmas and I just like to be out! Most people don't but I don't mind. So some of the things on the list for tomorrow are as follows:
1. Bible for me (34.99 as opposed to 69.99 is what is drawing me in on that one) because my current one is beginning to fall apart. I am so sad to retire this one as it has so much in it that chronicles my walk with the Lord for the last 10 years or so! I just am attached to it a bit! I do however look forward to what God will teach me in the new one and what changes my life will bring over the years that I am using it! How blessed we are that we have the opportunity to own more than one bible especially when belivers in other parts of the globe cannot even get their hands on one...THANK YOU LORD FOR THE BLESSING THAT YOU'VE GIVEN US AND THE PRIVILIGED POSITION THAT WE ARE IN! LET US NOT BECOME PRIDEFUL AND HELP US TO ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE THE TRUE MEANING OF OUR LIVES!
2. 1cent Webkinz toys for the little boys and girl in my life. The local christian store is selling them for 1cent to the first 100 shoppers...can you believe that!!!! Little nephews and niece will be happy!
3. Digital photo frame at Target for 29.99! That is a pretty good buy if you asked me! The person receiving this gift will enjoy it as digital photos are new and she has yet to discover how to display all those photos! Hopefully this will help....

And whatever else I may find that will serve as a good gift for those I love!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

So Cold In My House!

Hello out there!

Just had to jump on here today and tell you that it is soooo cold in my house! The thermostat reads 57* and I am determined NOT to turn on the heater yet! I am trying to see how long I can go without turning on the heater for a few reasons. The first being that it cost a fortune to heat this 3 bedroom house when there is only 1 person in it! So financial is the primary reason. The second reason is that I am stubborn that way and want to see how long I can ride it out!
So to warm up...I've lit candles, made oatmeal this morning, and will bake just about anything that I can (turning on the oven really does heat up at least the kitchen!). I even took a bath (closed the door for the steamy effect...very warm!) It really did warm me up so now I am nice and toasty in my warm sweats! Now I just need to stay that way!

Guess I am going to have to turn the heat on soon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Matthew West Concert and World Vision

Hey there bloggy friends,

This past weekend I had the privilige of attending a Matthew West concert 2 nights in a row for free! I was a volunteer at the World Vision table to help get kids signed up with sponsors. It was so much fun and so wonderfully encouraging. And the concert was a great added bonus!
God is so good. I had wanted to attend the concert but with finances a bit tight right now had resigned to the fact that I was not going to be able to attend then on Friday evening I received a phone call from the people at World Vision asking if I'd help out with the sponsorship table and that I'd be able to get into the concert and see it for free! Not only that...I was going to be able to bring friends and family to help out also and they would be treated to the concert also!
It was an awesome night of great music, fellowship, service, and fun!

Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure!!!

Julie, Griselda, Matthew West, and me! What a fun night!!

Here we are hard at work. That's me, Ling, Dean, and Susie.

Playing around at the table. Me, Ling, Dean and Susie again!

Matthew West in concert...what a wonderfully gifted performer!

This is Josh Wilson. He opened for Matthew West and I must
saw that he is an incredibly talented young performer!
Can't wait to hear more from him.

*Update on photos: These photos are from the second night!

Matthew West singing his heart out!

My sweet sister in law Kendra, me, and my ever faithful concert buddy Julie!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Me and Mr. Graham

Well...did you know that I and Mr. Billy Graham share a birthday?

On this 7th day of November, I have entered the 33rd year of my life and Mr. Graham has entered his 90th. I am not putting this out there to bring attention to my birthday or to bask in selfish pride...I just wanted to share with you all in one of the special little gifts that God has given me. This day that I celebrate the moment He gave me life is the same day that He gave Billy Graham life. For a girl whose life has been marked by a feeling of unworthiness and lack of acceptance...God's little gift of my shared birthday with one of the greatest men on the face of this Earth will ALWAYS bring a smile to my face and a love deep in my heart. Even when He decides to call Billy Graham home I will always treasure that God brought us both into this world on the same day.

Thank you Lord for another year of life for me and for the 90 years that you've given Billy Graham...I ask that you would continue to work in both of our lives no matter how many days we have left. Thank you for your tender love for me and for the ways that you show me just how much you love me! Let me shine your light each and every day!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We're Off To See The Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz!

Well hello all!

Last night YC had a harvest party and a group of us got together to participate in the Trunk or Treat. We did this last year and went as "Alice in Wonderland". This year we decided to go as the cast from The Wizard of Oz. It was really a fun time for us as well as the many kids who came our way. So many people wanted to take pictures with us...made us feel like characters from Disneyland!!!!
Here are a few pictures from the evening....

Dorothy (me) and the Cowardly Lion (julie)

The whole group! The Wicked Witch (jenny lynn), Antie Em (pat)
Flying Monkey (jaylen), Dorothy (me), Cowardly Lion (julie)
Emerald Queen (naiyana), Scarecrow (xochitl), Tin Man (craig)
Glenda (melisa).

More pics....Jaylen looked so cute! He even had black feather

Jenny Lynn and Craig in character...they both
were a bit frightening to the little children!

Me, Julie and Jenny Lynn in front of the Emerald City.