Sunday, November 23, 2008

So Cold In My House!

Hello out there!

Just had to jump on here today and tell you that it is soooo cold in my house! The thermostat reads 57* and I am determined NOT to turn on the heater yet! I am trying to see how long I can go without turning on the heater for a few reasons. The first being that it cost a fortune to heat this 3 bedroom house when there is only 1 person in it! So financial is the primary reason. The second reason is that I am stubborn that way and want to see how long I can ride it out!
So to warm up...I've lit candles, made oatmeal this morning, and will bake just about anything that I can (turning on the oven really does heat up at least the kitchen!). I even took a bath (closed the door for the steamy effect...very warm!) It really did warm me up so now I am nice and toasty in my warm sweats! Now I just need to stay that way!

Guess I am going to have to turn the heat on soon!

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