Friday, August 8, 2008

Bye Bye Summer Vacation....

I can't believe that my summer vacation is almost over!!!! This is technically my last weekend of my summer vacation and when I think back upon it, I realize that I did not do anything special!!! I guess that is okay as I was able to get lots of rest, clean up my backyard, and spend lots of time with the Lord just reading His Word, studying, and praying (all out in my pretty backyard!). So, I can't say that it was not a worthwhile summer! I would rather have my relationship with the Lord strenthened by staying home all summer as opposed to being busy all summer long and not enjoying sweet fellowship with the Lord.

Here are some pictures from this summer.

Me, JoFawna, Kevin, Brad, Gaby, and Jenny Lynn
in Monterey.

Evan at the SF Giants Game

Me and my cat Zoe. She looks posessed!

Introducing.....Mr. Gizmo, the Schelby School
A6 Hamster!!!!

Sadie drinking cute!

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