Monday, August 2, 2010

SnapShot Saturday

Last weekend I had the awesome opportunity to attend a photography workshop that my friend Amber hosted. I was so had actually been on my calendar for over a month. She hosted it at her in laws home/business. It was a beautiful setting for taking pictures. Amber walked us through the basics of photography like exposure, aperture, and shutter speed. She taught us how to freeze motion and how to take a picture where the motion is blurred. It was so much information but I really enjoyed learning. Toward the end of the afternoon I was absolutely confused but with some re-visits to my handy dandy notes, I began to understand it more more clearly. My goal of getting out of auto or program was reached! I finally shot completely in manual with the added bonus of knowing what I was doing! (well, sort of!).

Here are a few of the pics that I took on Saturday.....

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joy in the journey said...

beautiful bethany!!! you go've got an eye :)