Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lake Tahoe

My weekend in Tahoe was amazing! Stephanie looked so beautiful and the wedding was so much fun. Seeing family that I've not spent time with in a long time was a blessing.

Being together with my brothers and sister in laws was a special thing. We've never had a weekend spent together and this one was one that will be in my memory for many years. We ate together, sat together, danced together and spent countless moments just enjoying each others presence. It was sweet.

I had intended to spend some time with Jesus on the beach. On Saturday morning I awoke early and started to get ready. I think in my attempt to be quiet, I was kind of noisy. My sister in law Kendra woke up and decided that she wanted to go with me to the beach. We set off for Starbucks first for some chai and oatmeal for me and carmel latte and chicken sandwich for her. After we got our morning fare, we headed out. We found this little spot not too far from the Starbucks. We quickly learned that it was the dog beach. Let me just say that it was an experience! We quickly decided that we needed to find a nicer spot. After all, I'd seen countless pictures online of gorgeous beaches and pristine blue water! The dog beach was just not going to cut it! I decided to drive us up toward Emerald Bay and we found Pope Beach. It was just what I was expecting and we had a wonderful time sitting taking in the beauty of the lake and mountains. We spent hours talking about what God is doing in our lives and how we can't do this life thing without Him. She is a precious blessing in my life and I just love that we have our Lord and Savior in common.

On Sunday I headed out by myself with the intention of praying and journaling and doing my bible study. I grabbed my chai and got in the car. I wanted badly to see Emerald Bay and so that is where I headed. It was a beautiful drive up the mountain, although a bit scary at times (10mi/hour curves!). When I reached the vista I was so so blessed to see such beauty. Our God is so creative! I thank Him that He has put such a love of nature in my heart. I love that He has made me that way! I stayed up at the vista for about 45 minutes just taking it all in (and yes, taking way too many pictures!). Then I headed back down the mountain and met my brothers and sister in laws for breakfast at The Driftwood Cafe. This little restaurant was so cute! It had really good food too. My sister in law, Helena let me have a taste of her potato pancake. They were really good. Wish that I would have ordered them instead of the turkey burger that I later had trouble digesting!

Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Emerald Bay. Can you believe how blue the water is?!

Stephanie and Kyle's first dance

My brother Matt and sister in law Helena

Sister in laws! Kendra, Helena, and I

Sunset from the top of Heavenly

Stephanies cute shoes!

The tram that we rode up to the top of Heavenly in

Kyle and Stephanie exchanging their vows

Kendra and I on Pope Beach

Beautiful view from Pope Beach

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