Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Amgen Tour of California

Well hello there bloggy friends!

Today in my small hometown of Merced we welcomed the 7 time Tour De France winner and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong to ride along our streets.
The Amgen Tour of California is happening right now and today was stage 4 of the race. What an expereince to see this awesome group of cyclists ride through our little town! It was quite an amazing experience to see that many people on bikes going quite fast and their cars following rapidly behind them! It was pretty funny that Melissa (my cousin) and I had to find out from Robert (my other cousin and her brother) what Lance was wearing so that we could identify him. I am grateful that he checked it out for us and am really excited that I got to pick him out of the large group of cyclists (although he was going pretty fast so my pictures are not all that great!).
There was a nice turnout for the event and I suspect that there will be an even greater turn out in Clovis where they will run the 5th stage of the race!

Here are a few pics from the morning. Enjoy!!!

My aunt Olivia, Melissa, and Me.

There was lots of chalk grafitti....pretty cool stuff!

Here are the guys....Lance Armstrong is in the front.

They were going so fast that they kicked up dust everywhere!

Here we are on our corner...that's Allison, Tyler, Chris, Tia, and Melissa

The sign promoting the event and a nice picture of 18th street!

Two cyclists (I need to find out who they are) warming up for the race.

Sign welcoming us to the Amgen Tour...

Who would have thought that Merced would be called Bike City USA?!


katiegfromtennessee said...

Miss Bethany, check out the bikes!:) It looks like ya'll had a good time:) Lance Armstrong, don't think I've ever seen him in person:):)


Staci said...

how fun!! jay and i are planning a road trip this thinking of getting suggestions of where i should visit from blogland....

Holly said...

That's really cool! :) Look at all the dust, the were going fast! :O