Saturday, November 7, 2009

34 Things That I Am Thankful For....

Today is my 34th birthday!

I can't believe that I am near my mid 30's. Where has the time gone?
I feel like it was just yesterday that I was celebrating the accomplishment of getting my license. Then it was the excitement of graduating high school and the start of college life.
College graduation came much later than I had planned for my life, but was in perfect time with God's blueprint. The start of my career came shortly after, followed by the addition of new family and nephews and a niece..and that is where I've been ever since.

There are some things that I thought I'd have as a part of my life by this birthday like a husband and children but that is not to be. I don't know why God's plan for my life has not included a husband and a child but I've come to understand that His plans are not my plans and His will is not always what my heart desires.

But no matter what, He is ALWAYS faithful and just. And He desires good for me.

This is a hard, hard, lesson.

I don't get it....I want to accept it, but that is a work in progress.

So today, on my 34th birthday, I choose to celebrate the wonderful things and ways that God has blessed my life and focus on His amazing work in me and through me.

To Him be all glory!!!!!

What I am thankful for in 34 little ways:
  1. My blessed life in Christ
  2. My family
  3. Cole, Evan, Isaac, and Kensley
  4. My incredible friends
  5. My awesome church (Big Valley Grace in Modesto :))
  6. My car that weekly gets me to my amazing church
  7. My health (especially in light of expose to H1N1 recently)
  8. My career
  9. My co-workers who've become friends
  10. My curly hair
  11. Products that actually work in my curly hair!
  12. My cats
  13. My home
  14. My love for all things sweet tasting :)
  15. My freedom
  16. My fuzzy robe
  17. My turbie twist
  18. My monkey slippers
  19. Netflix!
  20. My dentist (seriously...he is a blessing to me because I've been in need of so much work)
  21. My students
  22. My love of books and the resources to attain them....
  23. My comfy bed and down blanket
  24. My travel coffee mug...little things warm the heart in the coldness of winter.
  25. Chai tea latte at Starbucks
  26. Starbucks itself!
  27. God's protection over me
  28. My new budget (working on the thankful aspect here! will come in full soon!)
  29. True unconditional love
  30. Music that blesses my soul
  31. Words from the mouth of a child who was never expected to speak
  32. Resources enough to keep me fed, clothed, and sheltered each and every day
  33. The difficult things that enter the landscape of my life...because they lead me to the arms of my Savior.


~ Dawn ~ said...

Happy Birthday my beautiful friend!! What a wonderful list! I am thankful that you have been my friend for about 17-18 years now!! (okay that makes me feel really old!) God is good and he knows exactly what you need and when. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Love ya!!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Gal! May this year be so blessed you don't even know what to do with it!!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Hey Miss Bethany:):)

Happy Belated Birthday to you!! I love your list of things that you are thankful for and are a blessing to you! I love chai tea latte's from Starbucks too! I don't drink coffee hardly ever, it makes me too nervous, but I do drink herbal teas and those chai lattes!:) I think that since you are single, you can focus so much on the Lord, and not have to think about how to please a husband, or what so and so said to your kid the other day, etc. You can go on mission trips anytime you want to. Enjoy this stage of livin, if you are blessed with a husband and kids, it is still a big blessing, but so is singledom!:) Love ya Miss Bethany:):)