Sunday, August 23, 2009

What's On My Mind....

Hi friends...It has been a bit of while since my last post...much on my mind and some heavy burdens on my heart but God is faithful and true. I am soooo glad that I have Him to depend on because, as we all know, there is NOTHING nor ANYONE in this world that we can depend on like Him. I wanted to share this little excerpt that I wrote in an email to a good friend. It is reflective of what is on my mind these days and where I am in my walk with the Lord right now.
Also...I want to remember my words becasue, as we all know, there will come a day where I am lamenting my lot in life and whining and crying about some miniscule thing. I don't want to forget the wisdom and insight that God has blessed my with today...I need this in writing, in a place where I can easily read it again (as many of us agree...our blogs are much for our own benefit...a place to clear our minds, to document our lives, and to share our faith). I need to remember this.....

I am feeling God pull me toward full healing...also, I am tired of living under the yoke of my pain/shame/guilt/ am finally taking Jesus's yoke upon me and discovering that it is easy and light. When I trade in his yoke for my own time and time again...I get burdened and heavy ladden so have to remind myself that I don't need to do that. That yoke is not meant for me to bear. It is meant for Him to bear....something Colleen said at the retreat and since in our sessions, is that God carried that yoke for me when he went to the cross. He carried the shame, the guilt, the fear, the burden itself...I do not need to live in bondage to my worst fear...He took care of it. I've accepted his gift of salvation for my I need to accept his gift of freedom for my mind and in my life.

Yes...Lord Jesus....I choose today to accept your gift of freedom and your offer of healing. Come Lord Jesus into my mind and not just my heart...pour out your healing waters over my mind. You know how I struggle with it. Forgive me Lord...heal me. I trust you...I believe, help me to overcome my unbelief!

What is God speaking into your life right now? What truths is He burning into your heart? Please do share...I love hearing how God speaks to his children!
The body of Christ is a beautiful glad to be a part of it!

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katiegfromtennessee said...

Hey Miss Bethany:)

Thanks for sharing what God is teaching you right now. His burden is light...that is very true:) It reminds me of that verse about not being anxious about anything, but in everything with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, presenting our requests to God...He has been teaching me more about spiritual warfare lately, and then allowing tests to come to see what I have learned. I want to learn so that I can stand firm against the schemes of the enemy to steal my witness, kill my testimony, and destroy my life. He completes what He starts:)

Blessings to you today Miss Bethany:)