Saturday, May 30, 2009

They Bring Me Delight.....

Happy Saturday Morning!
I hope that you are having a wonderful day whatever you might be doing. Today I am going to work in the backyard pulling weeds and getting my ugly dried out grass green again....just have not had the time to work out there and with the recent warm weather, it has dried out a bit. Then later this afternoon I'll head over to Modesto to check out a vendor fair that my friend Robin is going to be at. I am interested in the Cookie Lee jewelry because I want a new cross necklace! Yeah....that will be fun! That's about all for me.....and you? how many of you have these little delightful angels? I LOVE them and take great delight in collecting them. It is rather comical that I've begun to collect them as I am NOT one to collect things. Oh, I had my share of collections as I've grown up (buttons as a child, all things holstien cow in high school) but never was really into it. Well, now here I am an adult and I'm collecting things again! Go figure.....

So to start of the collection....the gal on the left is rememberance and the gal on the right is the thank you girl. I think that they are both cute and I am not at all ashamed to say that I found these two at Goodwill! They actually are quite appropriate because I found them last year after my uncle died and so rememberance reiminds me of him and thank you is just a cute one! You cannot see it but she is holding a bunch of flowers behind her back...very cute and reminds me of when I was a little girl and used to take flowers to my mom or my teacher.

This next angel is the very first one that I received. It is an ornament and I received it from my Tia Eva for Christmas around 4 years ago. I love how she is holding her hands and is ready to clap for joy!

This one I also received from my Tia. She is called "From the Heart". I just think that she is really cute! I am getting my friend Julie started on her own angel collection and gave her this one.

This one is precious to me. I bought this one for myself in an after Christmas sale at Berean Christian Stores. The reason I bought it is that it reminded me of the relationship between Cole and I. I had held him in the early morning hours (woke up crying) just like this the day that I bought it...sweet memory!

I also bought this one for myself....reminder to take everything to the Lord in prayer and to not work ANYTHING in my own strength! It is so very helpful to see this little prayer angel on my counter every morning.

This angel is special to me. It is called "Guardian" and it was given to me by none other than my Tia Eva (thanks Tia!) on the day of my nephew/godson Isaac's baptism. So, this is me and Isaac....very special!

These last 2 pics are my newest to add to my God's Delights book....I love seeing the hand of the Lord in creation. He is so very creative and delights in uniqueness. I must remember this when I feel less than unique and rather commonplace. I am not...I am fearfully and wonderfully made and his purposes for me will be fulfilled! HALLELUJIAH!

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Holly said...

Beautiful! I am so glad you commented on my blog.. it lead me to yours. You have a beautiful spirit. I love your pictures! Looking forward to reading more..