Saturday, January 10, 2009

How do I get more readers?!

Ok you do I get more readers?! I love blogging so far because I love to write and I love to take lots of pictures so this avenue is perfect for me...however, it is hard to keep it up when there are not many people how do I get more readers. I've told family and friends but they rarely comment.
MANY THANKS TO STACI AND KATIE! You girls are so sweet to comment regularly! I love reading your blogs too!

Here are a few pics of our Christmas celebrations with my family. Fun times!

The Cortez women with our brown bags from Bloomindales! Thanks Ricardo!

Me and my brother Matt...I love my brothers very much!
This is a picture that I took from the side of the road coming back from my folks was really pretty so I had to share this pic with you...beautiful Christmas morning!
Tiare and Melissa being silly girls!
Me and my cousins Melissa and was good to see both of them especially Stephanie and she now lives in Reno, Nv so we don't get to see her too often!


katiegfromtennessee said...

Hey Miss Bethany:)

I started blogging in October of last year, and I guess the Lord kinda shows you who to blog with. He brings people to your blog too. I think most everyone who's ever commented on my blog has been from the LPM blog too:)

Blessings to you tonight,


Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany, I always check your blog for updates, I just haven't left any comments yet. Anyway, keep the pictures coming. Thanks,

love your brother Matt