Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wow! It's Been a While

I've been MIA from the blog world for quite some time and that is simply because I've been without the internet. It was just too much to drive the 1/2 mile down to the nearest coffee shop that starts with an S. Really, it wasn't but I was too lazy! So, since I last posted nothing much is new. I still have the same job. I still go to the same church. I still have the same cats that bring me much delight. I still am involved in bible study at church. (Did I memorize James? I still live in the same city. I still battle fear and loneliness. A few things that are different in my life. My niece and nephews are growing and I've not seen them since Christmas but that is a part of life lived apart from much of my family. (Its not even that far away. We just don't get together). I chose to stop counseling after a year and a half. (that was a hard decision) My health has been a bit compromised. My employer has offered me a position that could lead to my job becoming my new career. (I am nervous and unsure whether to accept or not). A man that I was getting to know told me that he was interested in someone else (ouch!) I am beginning to take God at his word and live in truth. That last one has been the most difficult thing ever! I don't know why it requires such effort to read what God says about me and my life and the lives of those that I interact with each and every day and BELIEVE him. I've been told from my early days that I am gullible and impressionable. It has been a trait that I don't particularly like. It has led me into numerous situations that resulted in my embarrassment. But with God, it is okay that I am impressionable. He will never hurt me, poke fun at me, or ridicule me for my lack of knowledge. I am learning that if I want to grow in my relationship with him that I MUST believe what he says. And trust him with my unknowns. It is hard.

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