Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my new adventure. I've taken up this new hobby of blogging. I am looking forward to keeping in touch with you via this new method. I hope that you enjoy it! I've attached a few pictures that explain the reason for the name of the blog. The first one is me (obviously!) and the next two are my kitties, Sadie and Zoe. Because I don't have any children I tend to baby these cats (except when Cole is here!). I got both of them from girls at work and have had both from the very young kitten stage. They are so much fun to watch and are subject to my photo fetish! So, expect to see many pictures of the kittes!

AKA Bethany, Betty, or Beckanie!

AKA Sadie Buggy, Bug, Buggy

AKA Zo, ZoZo, or Baby


Tia Irma said...

Hey Mijha,
I Love your Pic, so thin. Where was this pic taken?

bethany said...

That was taken at Marc and Kendra's house on the day of Cole's second birthday party. I like the picture too!
Are you coming to the baby shower next Sat?